Tiny Spaces: Dining

So it seems with an engagement comes the inevitable planning of your future. In mine and Chris’ case, that means purchasing real estate! Whether we see ourselves in a house or condo, in the city or in the burbs remains up in the air, but one thing I do know for sure is that we will end up in a cozier space.

I think I’m feeling a rustic modern vibe for our dining area… and have found some great inspiration!

Source: brightbazaar.blogspot.com

Unsure where the other pictures came from, if you know, I will link them!



Happy Holidays!

We are headed to Pennsylvania for the next couple days, so until next week, Merry Christmas!

Corky Holiday

Hello all! After another long blogging break I have quite a bit of catching up to do. As a holiday treat I want to share a fun craft for all the wine lovers out there. After catching this amazing wreath on Cupcakes and Cashmere, I thought I would take a shot of creating my very own.

I have a habit of saving all of my beer caps and wine/champagne corks hoping that one day a great craft will come along to feature them. Finally my wish came true!


Holiday Cork Wreath

1. Gather all of the corks you have and get an idea of how large of a wreath you want to make. 


2. Using a glue gun, start creating an inner circle for your wreath. 


3. Use as many corks as you want/have to create the outer circle of the wreath. I started to run out so for my final circle I made my corks lie horizontally around the other corks.


4. Finally, I added a bit of sparkle with some spray adhesive, secured it with a silver ribbon and hung it on my door to enjoy!


Happy Holidays!

Scheming over the perfect color scheme

Found! Finally, someone who sees my vision.

I was perusing Smitten Magazine  today and they featured the wedding colors I’ve been pining over for the last couple months. Olive, navy & ivory (possibly with some metallic accents) are the colors that I feel represent myself and Chris timelessly and they feel like fall without being too cliché.


I also LOVE what they say each color represents.

Moss – Balance, Harmony & Stability
Indigo – Trust, Truthfulness & Royalty

Sounds like the perfect starting point for marriage to me…

It’s BEEn 8 Months!

I’m finally back on schedule with Genevieve’s monthly graphics! While I received some great suggestions for the 8 month theme (apple picking, football) I decided that September is really my last month to do whatever I wanted. October, November and December have so much great imagery that I wouldn’t want to stray. As a result, I obviously couldn’t pass up the opportunity to do a Bee-themed month.


Paper Perennials

As most of you know, I’ve been engaged since early this summer. As a result I spend a ridiculous amount of time surfing wedding blogs and thinking about the event. While I’ve changed my mind already more times than I’d like to admit, I do know for sure I want hand-made elements to be a prominent part of the day. Now I certainly do not want the wedding to be an over-sized craft project, but I hope to use my skills to create some special details.

One project I’m more or less committed to is creating paper flowers. I’m leaning towards navy and olive as the color scheme but of course there are very few if any navy and olive flowers. My goal is to incorporate my flowers with some real ones and hopefully you’ll have to look twice to even notice. 

Check out some potentials.

Martha’s Peonies

Paper Roses from 100 Layer Cake

I know it’s not paper but such a great idea!
Felt Craspedia from Design*Sponge

Feeling like Fall

It’s no secret that I absolutely love the fall. There has been a chill in the air lately and now that it’s September first, I am more excited than ever! I’ve decided to share with you some of my fav fall things.

First, being able to enjoy the outdoors with out horrible heat or vicious mosquitos, mini porch, here I come.

Second, fall beer! Whenever Shipyard Pumpkinhead starts popping up in stores it’s honestly like Christmas came early. I am especially lucky this year because the bar down the street from me has it on tap! With cinnamon sugar rims! Swoon.

Third, PSU football obviously. I’m looking forward to an exciting season with all the usually struggles – Who should play QB? Will JoePa be able to give PSU a winning season? Will Penn State win best uniforms again!? It all starts this Saturday.

Fourth, fall colors! I’ve always been a sucker for warm browns and olive greens. I came across this cute number at Forever 21 last week that I will be wearing to a fall wedding!

Last, but not least, fall crafts! I know September for most always means back to school, but for me, it always meant back to art. I can’t wait to find reasons to whip up crafts and baked goods this season all with a fall flair. If you don’t have the craft gene, stores like Paper Source  make it easy with craft kits like these place card pumpkins.

I have to admit I am probably pre-disposed to love Autumn because I am a November baby, but with so many great aspects why wouldn’t everyone love the fall?

Continuing on the G Train

I realize I’ve done a lot of work for my pint-sized Niece over the past 7.5 months. Either her mother is totally taking advantage of me or loves to give me opportunities to create. Now that I’m caught up on my monthly graphics for the time being, I’ll share another project I did for little Genevieve.

In June, G was baptized. If you take a look at Baptism or Christening invitations and cards you’ll notice there is little variety and they are often difficult to find. With little inspiration, my options seemed limited to either Noah’s Arc, a bird for whatever reason or a decorative cross. Now, if I know my niece, I know she has a flair for the unique. After deciding against the more traditional options, I presented me sister with three designs.

The invitation that won out was inspired by a christening gown. Not G’s specifically but just the idea of the baptism outfit. But again instead of sticking with the traditional white, I decided to go pink.