Corky Holiday

Hello all! After another long blogging break I have quite a bit of catching up to do. As a holiday treat I want to share a fun craft for all the wine lovers out there. After catching this amazing wreath on Cupcakes and Cashmere, I thought I would take a shot of creating my very own.

I have a habit of saving all of my beer caps and wine/champagne corks hoping that one day a great craft will come along to feature them. Finally my wish came true!


Holiday Cork Wreath

1. Gather all of the corks you have and get an idea of how large of a wreath you want to make. 


2. Using a glue gun, start creating an inner circle for your wreath. 


3. Use as many corks as you want/have to create the outer circle of the wreath. I started to run out so for my final circle I made my corks lie horizontally around the other corks.


4. Finally, I added a bit of sparkle with some spray adhesive, secured it with a silver ribbon and hung it on my door to enjoy!


Happy Holidays!


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