Continuing on the G Train

I realize I’ve done a lot of work for my pint-sized Niece over the past 7.5 months. Either her mother is totally taking advantage of me or loves to give me opportunities to create. Now that I’m caught up on my monthly graphics for the time being, I’ll share another project I did for little Genevieve.

In June, G was baptized. If you take a look at Baptism or Christening invitations and cards you’ll notice there is little variety and they are often difficult to find. With little inspiration, my options seemed limited to either Noah’s Arc, a bird for whatever reason or a decorative cross. Now, if I know my niece, I know she has a flair for the unique. After deciding against the more traditional options, I presented me sister with three designs.

The invitation that won out was inspired by a christening gown. Not G’s specifically but just the idea of the baptism outfit. But again instead of sticking with the traditional white, I decided to go pink.


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