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Continuing on the G Train

I realize I’ve done a lot of work for my pint-sized Niece over the past 7.5 months. Either her mother is totally taking advantage of me or loves to give me opportunities to create. Now that I’m caught up on my monthly graphics for the time being, I’ll share another project I did for little Genevieve.

In June, G was baptized. If you take a look at Baptism or Christening invitations and cards you’ll notice there is little variety and they are often difficult to find. With little inspiration, my options seemed limited to either Noah’s Arc, a bird for whatever reason or a decorative cross. Now, if I know my niece, I know she has a flair for the unique. After deciding against the more traditional options, I presented me sister with three designs.

The invitation that won out was inspired by a christening gown. Not G’s specifically but just the idea of the baptism outfit. But again instead of sticking with the traditional white, I decided to go pink.

Lucky #7 & Now we’re up to date

Finally I am up to date!

Every August my family takes a couple days and spends some time all together in Maine. One of our favorite Maine activities is floating on the pond in Party Island – a giant float that has yet to meet its person max. As an ode to Maine, Party Island and the last full month of Summer, our lucky number seven is all about splash’n in the surf and hanging in the sun.

Six months make great lemonade!

Initially for July’s look, I planned on doing a fireworks/Americana theme. After several failed attempts, I decided to stop struggling and change direction. The best part of this monthly project for my sister is that I can really do whatever I want. It is incredibly rare to be given free reign on a project and yet here I was giving myself limitations!

So I decided to have a bit of fun with July. During my daily wedding blog browse I always come across the cutest striped soda shoppe straws (expect to see some at the Beebe/Agostini Wedding for sure!) The straw was my initial inspiration and its obvious counterpart was a refreshing glass of lemonade!

I hope your thirst for fun design is quenched! (I know so corny, but I couldn’t help myself)

My fav so far

With seven G graphics under my belt, I have to say they all are fun and special for their own reason. But my favorite is month number five, June!

Summer lends itself to a million different images, traditions and pastimes. Growing up in New England, many of my summer memories have to do with days spent at the beach. More specifically, Second Beach or Sachuestt Point, in Middletown, RI. Every summer, at least for as long as I remember, there was a man building an amazing towering sandcastle every weekend. So of course for my first summer graphic for the Bean’s first summer, I had to pay tribute to the sandcastle.

Keeping it going

I was very excited a couple of months ago when I downloaded my WordPress App onto my Droid. I hoped it would really help me post more when I’m out and about or post a picture of something special or interesting. Needless to say, that hasn’t been the case.

I was in Maine over last weekend and into early this week. Determined to stay on track with my countdown, I loaded all my G photos and graphics onto my phone with plans of using my handy dandy App. Unfortunately, my phone/App fought me every step of the way.

As I assume most of you have guessed, Genieve’s 7 month birthday was earlier this week. But I will not be deterred by technology! Also, I am still waiting on my sister to do the newest shoot! Or at least send me a pic!

For now enjoy 4! Inspired by Shannon’s wedding colors and flowers.

Bean Time

Time flies! In just a little under a week, my sweet niece, Genevieve “Bean” Lynch, will be 7 months! I’ve only so far shared with you her one and two month photos/graphics. So needless to say there is A LOT of cuteness you are completely missing out on.

If we hop back into our time capsule to April 2011, you may remember a rainy month with crazy fits of pleasant weather. But the Bean is cute no matter what the weather.

Keep an eye on the 7 month count down to see her past couple months of adorableness.