Compare & Contrast

I’ve finally uploaded some new shots of our apt with its updated paint job. I have to say, although painting is such a pain, I look around my apartment everyday and it makes me so happy! I feel very lucky to live in such a cute city in such a fun apartment.


And in case you were wondering in the second picture that is in fact a Harry Potter book…



Lovin’ Chevron

Nothing perks up my day like a good dose of pattern. There is something comforting in repetition… whether it’s a standalone creative element or aiding a larger concept, a good pattern is always a good idea.

Lately, I’m all about chevron. Charlie Brown was quite a trendsetter with his token smock and now, you can’t get through the day without seeing a splash of this zig-zaggy dynamo.

Below are some pieces that stopped me in my tracks. And one (#5!) is currently the landing strip into our apartment!

1. Oh Joy | 2. Creature Comforts | 3. Cupcakes & Cashmere | 4. J. Crew | 5. Ikea 

A Sassy Starlit

True to my word, I’m back!

One thing I find when designing for others is that I typically have to give up much of my own creative freedom to bend to my client’s vision. This project was not at all the case.

After going through a couple versions of bright and cheerful first Birthday invitation designs, I was able to not only keep myself enthusiastic with the final product but also had a very happy Baby Mama.

Gotta love bright colors, polka dots and some super cute shades!

Stripes & Such

As the month of  July kicks off to a heated start, I will once again proclaim my new allegiance to the blog.

So as most of you know, Chris and I are newly engaged! You can now look forward to posts about wedding excitement and decisions and I hope (and encourage) you to post your thoughts and suggestions.

As always, I will also try to keep up with my projects, inspiration and such.

For now, enjoy a pic of Chris painting our “a little bee” inspired wall and look forward to more pics of the old and new shots of the apt!