Showered In Love

My middle sister, Shannon, is getting married this May. She so wonderfully asked me to do her wedding invitations which I will post in the near future. But ofcourse before a bride can walk down the aisle, she needs to be showered with gifts!

We came up with the idea of a “Love” themed Bridal Shower. While this may seem obvious, her soon-to-be Hubby’s last name is Amore so it seemed even more appropriate. The occasion went off without a hitch and Shannon was not only surprised but loved the outcome.

For the shower I was in charge of cookies…

Bridal Bingo…


And the Made of Honor, Rebecca, took care of the cupcakes and display…

Everything turned out beautifully and now we are all looking forward to the big day!


One thought on “Showered In Love

  1. What a wonderful idea Julia, and everything looks so creative and professional. Congratulations on a job well done.
    Luv ya


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