Showered In Love

My middle sister, Shannon, is getting married this May. She so wonderfully asked me to do her wedding invitations which I will post in the near future. But ofcourse before a bride can walk down the aisle, she needs to be showered with gifts!

We came up with the idea of a “Love” themed Bridal Shower. While this may seem obvious, her soon-to-be Hubby’s last name is Amore so it seemed even more appropriate. The occasion went off without a hitch and Shannon was not only surprised but loved the outcome.

For the shower I was in charge of cookies…

Bridal Bingo…


And the Made of Honor, Rebecca, took care of the cupcakes and display…

Everything turned out beautifully and now we are all looking forward to the big day!


A New Meaning to Drunk Snacking

Happy St. Patty’s Day in just a couple hours! I enjoyed most of my Irish festivities this past weekend in Newport, RI with the fam. I’m sure I’ll still wear some green tomorrow and have a beer or two to celebrate. You can judge! But with PSU playing bball and a cute little baby coming over, the bar just won’t be the place to be.

Any who, the point of this post is not Irish shenanigans, rather Irish inspired treats! As you may already know, I typically am the resident cookie-maker in my family. To meet the task this St. Patty’s Day I, of course, decorated quite a few shamrocks, but that seemed a bit boring. So after sifting through my 100+ cookie cutters I found the perfect complimentary shape! A mitten!

Thats right, a mitten. If you use your imagination, a mitten can be the most important Irish accoutrement – a mug of beer! Specifically, Blue Moon and Guinness, enjoy!


The Cutest Baby

If you recall from my earlier post, my sister was pregnant earlier this year. She had Genevieve Violet on January 8th! She decided she wants to have a monthly photo shoot to track little Genevieve’s growth. I am doing a monthly graphic to go along with the photos, last month was a continuation of the baby shower theme. This month, we are doing a St. Patty’s Day theme. Below is the pic from last month, keep an eye out for month #2!

Large Scale Design

In addition to print & paint, I love interior design! I am on a constant search for perfect apartment pieces and sometimes leave important spaces bare to the detriment of mine and Chris’s comfort (aka our completely unadorned very large windows).

Below are some potential curtain options to cloak the shoulders of our chilly bedroom frames. Most are merely pipes dreams but cute nonetheless. What’s your favorite? Or, even better, do you have a recommendation? I’d love to here them…

1. Bicolor Button Window Panel РWest Elm, 2. Electric Current Curtain Р, 3. Woodside Block Print Curtain РUrban Outfitters, 4. Hedda Blad РIkea