Baby Shower Invite & Crafts

This past Saturday was my oldest sister’s baby shower for the new addition to our family. The event was a big hit and that baby has a ton of swag waiting for her when she gets home in January.

My mom had asked me to design the invitations for the event. The baby’s room is sea themed and my sister registered for very adorable aquatic sheets. Inspired by the creatures, I designed an octopus themed card with a die-cut loop border to mimic its legs. I ordered fuchsia Paper Source square envelopes to complete the design.

My next baby shower project to tackle were the decorations, I ended up making Martha-esque pom poms for the centerpieces with the invitation octopus in pink popping out as if wading over seaweed surrounded by starfish and pink swirls. I made similar miniature pom poms for napkin holders and we also adorned the tables with bowls of Swedish Fish to snack on.

No baby shower is complete without some activities, each guest was given a baby bingo card to win a prize if they were the first to match a row of shower gifts as well as a card to guess the baby’s due date, weight and length.

To top everything off, I created two shell banners celebrating the little baby-to-be!

I’ll be sure to post when little Lynch is born and how big!



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