My Wedding Invites

The wedding & honeymoon are sadly all over but I still find I am reliving the day though blog posts. Shortly after our wedding our photographer, Summer Street Photography, had an amazing blog post outlining the day. Not too long after, my friends over at I love, I need did a feature as well! Most recently, we were highlighted in Ruffled Blog.

It’s been so fun to see my work pinned and shared but I have to say I’m kinda bummed because I didn’t get any professional photography of my invitations. I’m missing out on this wonderful opportunity to have my invites shared around the web. Rather than wallow, I will share them with you now!

Chris & Julia's Wedding Invites


I’ll try to take some glamour shots a little later on with the envelopes and liners. My goal was to set the tone of our wedding with our invites and I think it worked out well. Take a look at some of our wedding links and let me know whether you think our invites were a good match.


Bar Hopping

Originally posted on I love, I need.

As we continue to decorate and imagine our new home we come across some ideas that are a must, like a kitchen island or a futon, and others that are more of a want, such as an entry way settee or coffee nook. But after years of setting aside design desires because a place is too small or temporary, I really want to try to feature as many feasible wants as possible. Our current most sought after want is a bar for our somewhat sparse dining room.


Now when I say bar, I’m more envisioning a bar cart or a smaller piece of furniture to house some nice glassware and our liquor stash. We are currently pondering this direction because it isn’t so overtly a bar and it could potentially act as a totally different piece down the road, not to mention the amazing price. I think styled with this amazing West Elm serving tray, some fun glassware and the fancy new decanter I just bought Chris, this piece would really pop in our navy blue dining room.

Here are some other great options that have caught my eye.

1. Perfect for a masculine study | 2. A great glitzy touch | 3. For the rustic, eclectic type | 4. Simple & modern flair | 5. Glam all the way 

My other route may be to find a great random piece on Craigslist and completely repurpose it. We shall see, keep you posted!

Sunny Seating

This was originally posted on I love, I need.


When picking out furniture for my living and dining rooms, I wanted to make sure I had a punch of color. I enjoy walking into a room that doesn’t take itself too seriously, it just brightens my day! At first, I was hoping to find an amazing over-stuffed yellow chair for my living room but with my blue and red pallet, I feared it feeling too primary and juvenile.

My new plan is to take my birch, unstained ikea dining room chairs and maximize their potential with a coat of bright yellow paint. I can’t wait to show you the results!

Here are a few of my favorite yellow chair options found during my decor hunt.

1  | 2  | 3  | 4  | 5

I’m also considering the possibility of some yellow seating in my entry way, guess you’ll have to wait and see!

Do you have any punchy seating in your place?

Bridal Shower Cupcakes

This past Saturday my four bridesmaids threw me the most adorable bridal shower. The theme was sunflowers and bees and they had so many cute details.

Today, I just want to focus on the delicious cupcakes my sister’s coworker Sarah made. Her company is Wicked Smart Cakes, based out of Northbridge, Mass.  There were two flavors – chocolate with peanut butter frosting and vanilla vanilla. The chocolate peanut butter ones were rich and delicious I was so bummed I only got to eat one! The vanilla cake and vanilla frosting combo were tasty and perfectly adorned with the cutest little bees!

Of course, no cupcake is complete without a great display. My bridesmaids finished off the look with big, beautiful sunflowers, assorted stands and some woven mats for texture.

What’s the tastiest cupcake you’ve had recently?

Friday Tidbits

Buster on our tufted chair

Buster posing during an I love, I need photo shoot.

Happy Friday everyone! Enjoy some pics, posts and news that I found fun this week.

Poppies & Pleasantries

This post was originally posted on I Love, I Need.

My darling college roommate, Jess, asked me to contribute to her wonderful blog – I Love, I Need. I, of course, answered “Yes!” immediately and enthusiastically and here I am!

I’ll be sharing my insights, inspirations and adventures in Interior Design and what ever else may spark my fancy. Most of the time what I share will truly fall under the “I love, I need” mantra and sometimes it may be more like “I loved, I needed, now I have and I want to share!”

I hope you enjoy my take on design and I’m looking forward to contributing to the ever-present rants of what we all want, right now!

This week:
A Color Story: Vibrant Poppy


I’ve never been a huge red fan but I started noticing this fantastic orangey shade last Fall as Spring collections were sprouting and absolutely fell in love!

Want it:
1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 | 6

Styled it:

My Livingroom in progress

Caption: My living room (a work in progress)

I paired the bright poppy in the rug and pillows with shades of navy and cobalt and cool grey walls. The combination of warm and cool tones live together harmoniously without feeling overwhelming, or at least I think so!

Thanks for stopping by, be sure to check back soon for my latest.

Eventful: Cake Stands

The Stand Takes The Cake!


Whenever I look at event photography my favorite shot is always of the dessert table. So much detail goes into highlighting the sugary delights making them seem that much more magical. A great treat stand is the perfect step toward creating an unforgettable sweets-scape.

So many styles of cake stands!

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

Cake stands can also go a long way to support the overall theme of your event. A delicate silver tiered stand (5.) is perfect for a tea party theme bridal shower or intimate cocktail party and the minty milk glass pedestal (2.) would be darling at a whimsical wedding or birthday bash.

What’s your favorite way to style a dessert table? Would you use on of these cake stands? Which is your favorite!?

Saturday Styled: Pancakes

With weekend after weekend chock-full of wedding meetings or quick getaways, a nice quiet Saturday morning is a treasure. We spiced up our morning with some tasty whole wheat pancakes, Buster (our new pup) was a big fan.

Saturday Styled - Yummy Whole Wheat PancakesThe rest of our Saturday was spent watching the British Open and painting our kitchen an aquay/mint green color – so not the most relaxing Saturday we’ve ever seen but fun none-the-less!
What are your favorite lazy Saturday activities?

Tiny Spaces: Dining

So it seems with an engagement comes the inevitable planning of your future. In mine and Chris’ case, that means purchasing real estate! Whether we see ourselves in a house or condo, in the city or in the burbs remains up in the air, but one thing I do know for sure is that we will end up in a cozier space.

I think I’m feeling a rustic modern vibe for our dining area… and have found some great inspiration!


Unsure where the other pictures came from, if you know, I will link them!